1. Strong wind resistance 2. The principle of horizontal rotation and vertical blades, so that it is subject to wind pressure, can withstand 45 meters per second of super typhoon. 3. Because of its different design structure and operation principle, compared with other wind turbines, it has smaller turning radius, saves space and improves efficiency.

Products Details

1. Low starting wind speed, wind energy utilization rate is high,  blade fan effect is more obvious; small volume and beautiful shape. 2. Easy installation and using humanized design, equipment installation, maintenance and overhaul. 3. Rotor blade adopts nylon fiber material, and USES the aluminum alloy die-casting forming, with the optimization of aerodynamic design and structural design, high wind energy utilization coefficient, increase the power generating capacity. 4. Generator adopts the patent technology of permanent magnet rotor ac generator, the stator with special design, effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator, at the same time make wind turbines and generators have more good matching characteristic, the reliability of unit operation.

Product Features

Technical Parameters

item F-tulip
Rated power(W) 400w
Max power(W) 450w
Started wind speed (m/s) 1.0m/s
Cut-in wind speed (m/s) 1.5m/s
Rated Wind speed (m/s) 10m/s
Rated voltage(AC) 12v/24v
Blades height(m) 1.1m
Safe wind speed (m/s) ≤40m/s
Blades quantity 2
Blade material glass/basalt
Generator Three phase permanent magnet suspension motor
Control System Electromagnet
Generator protection grade IP54
Mount Height(m) 7~12m (9m)
Overspeed protection Electromagnetic brake
Work environment humidity 90%

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The company's products are sold to Europe, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, Norway, Australia and other 63 countries and regions, by users of love and praise. The company's products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, EU CE certification, each model has a complete independent power supply system, can be in a variety of harsh climate safe operation, without special maintenance. The company's products are widely used in landscape complementary streetlights, yacht power supply system, suburban villas, farms, schools, portable mobile tents and communications stations, etc. , it is an ideal power supply system for scattered households, outposts, weather stations, communication base stations, highways, monitoring and scenic spots, which not only makes full use of natural resources, but also adds color to the natural landscape.

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