1. Waterproof, anti-corrossion, insulated protections are specially designed for circuit board. 2. Optional TTL232 communication. 3. Multiple output modes. 4. Multiple Protection systems.

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Pure sine wave inverters have strict functional parameter requirements and are more expensive, and are used for electronic circuits with high requirements for waveform parameters. And ordinary inverter is a heterogeneous waveform of sine wave, square wave and miscellaneous wave components, which can be used for general appliances and has lower price Sine wave inverter input It is usually DC power obtained by rectifying and filtering DC power. This power cannot be directly used as the input side voltage of the inverter, but is used as the input of the inverter only after passing through certain filtering circuits and EMC circuits. Inverter main circuit A power conversion circuit composed of power switching devices, the main circuit form varies for different input and output conditions Control circuit Through certain control techniques, one or more sets of pulsed voltages are generated to turn on or off the power switching tubes in a specified sequence, resulting in the desired voltage waveform at the output of the main circuit. The role of the control circuit is crucial to the inverter system, and the performance of the control circuit directly determines the quality of the inverter output voltage waveform Output Circuit According to whether the output needs a voltage regulator circuit, the output circuit can be divided into open-loop and closed-loop control. The output of the open-loop system is only determined by the control circuit, while the output in the closed-loop system is also influenced by the feedback loop to make the output more stable Auxiliary power Usually the auxiliary power supply consists of one or several DC-DC converters, for the AC input, the auxiliary power supply from the rectified voltage and DC-DC converter combination to complete Protection Circuitry There are other protections for inverters working in specific applications, such as air pressure protection in case of certain air pressure changes, humidity protection in humid environments, etc.

Product Features

Technical Parameters

Model 1000PS-121 1000PS-241 1000PS-481 1000PS-122 1000PS-242
Rated power 1000W
Peak power 2000W
DC input voltage 12V 24V 48V 12V 24V
AC output voltage 110VAC 220VAC
No-load current <0.6A <0.3A <0.15A <0.6A <0.3A
AC output frequency 60HZ±0.5Hz 50HZ±0.5Hz
AC output waveform Pure Sine Wave
Waveform distortion THD<3%(Linear load)
Efficiency >85% >88% >90% >85% >88%
DC input voltage range 10-15V 20-30V 40-60V 10-15V 20-30V
Low Voltage Alarm 10.5+/-0.5V 21+/-1V 42+/-2V 10.5+/-0.5V 21+/-1V
Low Voltage Shutdown 10+/-0.5V 20+/-1V 40+/-2V 10+/-0.5V 20+/-1V
Over Voltage Protection 15.5+/-0.5V 31+/-1V 62+/-2V 15.5+/-0.5V 31+/-1V
Low Voltage Recovery 12+/-0.5V 24+/-1V 48+/-2V 12+/-0.5V 24+/-1V
Over Voltage Recovery 14.8+/-0.5V 29.5+/-1V 59+/-2V 14.8+/-0.5V 29.5+/-1V
Protective Function Low/Over voltage LED Red light, automatic recovery
Over load
Over temperature
Short circuit
Input reverse connection Fuse Burn-out
Fuse Burn-out 0-40℃
Storage Temp Humidity (-30)-70℃
Dimension 300*146*73mm(L*W*H)
Net Weight 2.6kg
QTY /Ctn 12pcs
Meas./Ctn 455*355*320mm
Warranty 12 Months


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