1. Strong wind resistance 2. The principle of horizontal rotation and vertical blades, so that it is subject to wind pressure, can withstand 45 meters per second of super typhoon. 3. Because of its different design structure and operation principle, compared with other wind turbines, it has smaller turning radius, saves space and improves efficiency.

Products Details

1.Curved blade design,utilizes wind resource effectively and obtains a higher power generation. 2.Coreless generator, Horizontal rotation and aircraft wing design reduce the noise to an unperceivable level in natural environment. 3.Wind resistance. Horizontal rotation and triangular double fulcrum design make it only bear a small wind pressure even in strong wind. 4.Rotation radius. smaller rotation radius than other types of wind turbines, space is saved while efficiency improved. 5.Effective wind speed range. special control principle expended the wind speed to 2.5 ~ 25m/s, utilizes wind resource effectively and obtains a higher power generation.

Product Features

Technical Parameters

Item FX-1000w
Started wind speed(m/s) 1.3m/s
Cut-in wind speed(m/s) 3m/s
Rated voltage(AC) 12v/24v/48v
Rated power(W) 1000w
Max power(W) 1050w
Rotor Diameter of Blades(m) 0.6m
Blades height(m) 1m
Blade material glass/basalt
Generator Three phase permanent magnet suspension motor
Blades quantity Three phase permanent magnet suspension motor


Generator Wind Turbine has been designed to run for long periods without requiring any maintenance. Performance will be enhanced if you periodically inspect your system. Review the following simple maintenance procedures and implement every six months. Caution: Do not go near the wind turbine during operation. (1)Check blades for superficial damage. Replace blades if damaged. It is important not to use blades that are damaged, as you will lose overall balance, resulting in a decrease in efficiency. Should you notice damage to the blades, you must replace all 5. The blades are balanced as sets. (2)Check the blade bolts and the nut for tightness. (3)Check nose cone for cracks and tighten nuts. (4)Wipe any excess dirt build-up from blades. (5)Check electrical connections to make sure they are tight and free from corrosion. (6)Lubricate the bearing to reduce the friction.  


Products that rationally apply wind energy to businesses, universities, cities, utilities and other organizations, meaning procurement replaces potentially older, higher-emitting energy sources. Wind power continues to have the smallest carbon footprint of any energy source. It plays a vital role in the future of our nation's energy supply, supporting our world's energy transition and growing demand for sustainable energy resources.

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