1. Strong wind resistance 2. The principle of horizontal rotation and vertical blades, so that it is subject to wind pressure, can withstand 45 meters per second of super typhoon. 3. Because of its different design structure and operation principle, compared with other wind turbines, it has smaller turning radius, saves space and improves efficiency.

Products Details

1. Selection of casing steel refined but become, light weight, beautiful shape, low vibration. 2. The increase of glass fiber reinforced plastic rotor blades, match with optimization of aerodynamic design and mechanism design, start wind speed is low, high wind energy utilization coefficient, increase the power generating capacity. 3. Power generation using the patent technology of ndfeb permanent magnet alternator rotor, stator of special design, effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator, at the same time make wind turbines and generators have more good matching characteristic, the reliability of unit operation. 4. Stern rudder adopts the design of automatic yaw, stronger ability to resist the typhoon, safe and reliable operation. 5. Selection of anticorrosive epoxy zinc-rich primer and polyurethane enamel, uv and acid rain resistance, salt fog. 6. Grease automatic filling machine, intelligent equipment more flexible operation, long service life. 7. Optional maximum power tracking intelligent controller, effectively regulate the current voltage.

Product Features

Technical Parameters

Working principle of vertical axis wind turbine

The greater the difference, the greater the efficiency (streamlined and continuous form, avoiding the energy loss of the air disturbance) . The system is rigid, and the axis of rotation is thin, friction resistance (small friction circle) its linear speed is always lower than the wind speed, transmission inertia is small, speed smoothness is not good, can be improved through the mechanical system similar to flywheel. Efficiency is related to resistance area and surface smoothness.


Products that rationally apply wind energy to businesses, universities, cities, utilities and other organizations, meaning procurement replaces potentially older, higher-emitting energy sources. Wind power continues to have the smallest carbon footprint of any energy source. It plays a vital role in the future of our nation's energy supply, supporting our world's energy transition and growing demand for sustainable energy resources.
item FS-600 FS-1000 FS-2000
Started wind speed(m/s) 1.3m/s 1.5m/s 1.5m/s
Cut-in wind speed(m/s) 2.5m/s 3m/s 3m/s
Rated Wind speed(m/s) 11m/s 11m/s 11m/s
Rated voltage(AC) 12/24v 24v/48v 48v/96v
Rated power(W) 600w 1000w 2000w
Max power(W) 650w 1100w 2100w
Blades height(m) 0.52m 0.67m 0.8m
Blades quantity 2 2 2

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