Aluminum housing for better cooling,IP67 protection ●Over charge protection, electronic short circuit protection. ●The controller has high temperature protection function ●Indicator lights indicate the states of the system. ●Boost charging function.It can charging in the breeze.

Products Details

Safety Information 1.Please do not immerse the controller in the corrosive liquid, which will damage the controller and produce harmful gas. 2.While connecting the system, the voltage may exceed human safety voltage,please use insulation tools, and keepyour hands dry. 3.If battery is connected reversely,that willdamagethe controller’s fuse. Please avoidreverse the battery. 4.Battery storage a lot of energy, if battery is short circuited, that will be danger.It is recommended to connect fuse in series to prevent short circuit protection. 5.The battery may produce flammable gas, please stay away from the spark.  Electrical Connection Please according to the following wiring 1.Connect the battery.From right to left, the fourth red cable connect positive pole of battery, the fifth black cable connect negative pole of battery. 2.Connect the wind generator. From right, the first, second and third green wires connect wind generator.

Product Features

Technical Parameters

stem voltage DC12V/24V/48V
Quiescent power drain ≤15mA
Max wind input power 12V 500W,24V 600W,48V 800W
Wind start charging voltage 6V,12V,24V
Working temperature -35℃ ~ 70℃
Over temperature voltage 14.4V/28.8V/58.6V
Over temperature recoveryvoltage 13.6V/27.6V/57.4V
Shell material Aluminum
Water proof grade IP67
Suitable battery Lead acid battery/ Gel battery/ Lithium battery
Brand New and high quality. Mini design, great demonstration effect, practical and durable. It is a very good demonstration of wind power teaching tools. Can also be used for making a variety of small technology production, model making.  


Working Principle


  1. Definition MPPT, known as Maximum Power Point Tracking, is a kind of electrical system that enables PV panels to output more power by adjusting the working state of electrical modules, which can effectively store the DC power emitted by solar panels in the battery. 2. MPPT controller principle First of all, the main circuit DC voltage and output current are detected, then the output power of the solar array is calculated, and finally the tracking of the maximum power point is realized. 3. Practical application The instantaneous output power (U*I) of the solar module moves on this U-I curve. The output of the cell module is affected by the external circuitry. Maximum power tracking technology is the use of power electronics with appropriate software to make the battery module always output the maximum power. Without maximum power tracking technology, the output power of the battery module will not be able to reach the optimal (large) value in all cases, which reduces the utilization of the solar module.      

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