1. Simple structure, high reliability. 2. Small size, light weight, high power. 3. Medium and low speed power generation, performance well. 4. Can significantly extend the battery life, reduce battery maintenance. 5. High efficiency. 6. Permanent magnet generator brushless, no slip ring structure, eliminating the carbon brush and slip ring friction generated radio interference, but also reduces the generator on the ambient temperature requirements

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Permanent Magnet Generator has the advantages of small size, low loss, high efficiency, and so on. It is necessary to study it today when energy saving and environmental protection are paid more and more attention. In many cases can be achieved brushless, so it is mostly used for small and micro motors. When using frequency conversion power supply, the permanent magnet motor can also be used for speed control transmission system. With the improvement of permanent magnet materials, permanent magnet motors have been widely used in home appliances, medical devices, automobiles, aviation and national defense.

Product Features

Technical Parameters

Power rating 100W-300w
Maximum power 110w-310W
Rated voltage 12V/24V
Maximum resistance 0.5NM
Control system electromagnetics
Lubrication method filling grease
Operating temperature -40 ℃ -80 ℃
Weight <4kg


Structural design


Characteristics of permanent magnet rotor 1. Parallel magnetic field structure, cast and pressed, embedded with permanent magnet, high energy, light weight, small volume, solid and reliable overall structure, maximum working speed of more than 15000 rpm. Patent No. ZL96247776.1 2. The rotor adopts steel structure with permanent magnet embedded on the surface in sequence, the rotor has strong magnetic flux, light weight, small volume, solid and reliable overall structure, and the maximum working speed is more than 15000 rpm. Patent number: ZL98233864.3 The characteristics of the voltage stabilizing system of the whole machine The semi-controlled bridge rectifier circuit is composed of thyristor and diode. The voltage-stabilizing system is a chopper modulation voltage-stabilizing device, its voltage-stabilizing precision is plus or minus 0.1 V, so the generator has the characteristics of being able to bear large current in an instant, running reliable and durable, etc. , and because of the direct use of the reverse voltage of the alternator, the thyristor can be switched off by itself, so there is no need to switch off the circuit, so the circuit structure is simple and reliable.

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