1. Strong wind resistance 2. The principle of horizontal rotation and vertical blades, so that it is subject to wind pressure, can withstand 45 meters per second of super typhoon. 3. Because of its different design structure and operation principle, compared with other wind turbines, it has smaller turning radius, saves space and improves efficiency.

Products Details

1. The shell is carefully made of steel, which is light in weight, beautiful in appearance design and low in vibration center of gravity 2. The latest addition of glass fiber reinforced plastic rotor blades, with the optimized aerodynamic design and mechanism design, low starting wind speed and high wind energy utilization coefficient, greatly increasing the product's ability to generate electricity 3. The product power generation adopts patented technology, including the special design of the rotor and stator of the NdFeB permanent magnet alternator, which effectively reduces the resistance torque of the generator. 4. The stern rudder of the product adopts automatic yaw design, which has stronger typhoon resistance and safer and more reliable manual operation. 5. The product adopts an automatic oil filling machine, and the intelligent equipment included is more flexible in operation and has a longer service life

Product Features

Technical Parameters

Type TC-1k TC-2k TC-3k TC-5k TC-10k TC-20k TC-30k TC-50k
Rated power 1kW 2kW 3kW 5kW 10kW 20kw 30kw 50kw
Max Power 1.2kw 2.3W 3.3kW 5.3W 13kW 22kw 33kw 53kw
Rated Voltage 48/96V 48/96V 96v/120v 220v/240V 120v/ 220v/240v 380V 380V
Start-up wind speed 3m/s 3m/s 3m/s 3m/s 3m/s 3m/s 3m/s 3m/s
Rated wind speed 10m/s 10m/s 11m/s 11m/s 12m/s 12m/s 13m/s 15m/s
Safe wind speed 35m/s 35m/s 45m/s 45m/s 45m/s 45m/s 45m/s 50m/s
Top weight 42kg 48kg 159kg 219kg 400kg 700kg 900kg 3400kg
Rotor diameter 2.8m 3m 5.6m 6.3m 8.2m 10m 12.5m 18m
Blade numbers 3 pieces
Blade matrerial Reinforced glass fiber
Electric generator Three-phase permanent magnet motor
Magnet NdFeB
Generator housing Die casting aluminum alloy
Control/protect system Electromagnetic / wind wheel deflection
Speed control Tail deflection
Tower type Independent tower
Working temperature -40℃ -80℃
Lifecycle 20 years


How It Works


Using magnetic suspension technology theory, the motor coil suspended in a certain space, in the absence of any mechanical friction resistance and under the action of wind, make the motor rotation and cutting magnetic lines of force to produce alternating current, breeze start, efficient power generation, smooth operation, safe use.


A, wind on six sides, not on four sides, start wind speed is lower, wind speed is lower; B, the generator part adopts magnetic levitation technology, the same type of power generation efficiency is higher; C, the same type of light weight, not easy to produce fatigue on the pole, the security is stronger; D, the modelling is more beautiful, the line is more fluent;

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